Saturday, November 3, 2018


I recently got a wave of death threats the likes of which I've not seen before. Thousands of death threats by Muslims across all of my platforms on social media, in private messages, and in emails. I even got audio death threats in Facebook messenger. And for the first time, their death threats spilled over into public posts, whereas before, most of them were usually in private messages and emails. What sparked this particular spike in death threats was that I was going to be the judge for the Mohammad Cartoon Contest that Geert Wilders announced in June 2018. Geert Wilders ended up cancelling the contest, which only made Muslims triumphantly deliver even more death threats.

And this was an eye-opener for many people, even for those who understand the Islamic threat. And I think this book will be a good way to put it all on record, that this isn't ISIS who are delivering these death threats, but average, everyday Muslims on social media, who are doctors and engineers, and young Muslims across the world, with many of them in Pakistan, who were particularly incensed about the Mohammad Cartoon Contest. One Pakistani politician even declared that he wanted to "Nuke Holland!" The book is 74 pages, square-bound, 8 1/2 x 10, and has 400 death threats that I received, at least the ones that I got screen shots of, as they came so fast, I couldn't get them all, and also, many of them got very repetitive, and so they went by the wayside. It has 60 new Mohammad cartoons by me throughout the book. I'm selling it for $18. Shipping and Handling costs $5 for a total of $23 domestic, and $30 International. As with my other books, I offer a signed version for $2 extra. Thank you for your support, and this book is very different than any of my others. And that's Mohammad on the cover, Islam's peaceful warlord.

Here's where I will be signing the book, on the opening page, first page, title page.

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  1. Fantastic. We love your realistic art work.

    1. I don’t think my artwork is realistic, but thank you.