Sunday, January 21, 2018

Order the New Print Edition of my First Graphic Novel, TABLE FOR ONE

Update: Now Available

I made my debut in comics in 2004 with my first graphic novel, Table for One, which I pitched at conventions as "Dirty Harry as a Waiter." It garnered me a Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer award nomination, an Eisner Award nomination for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition, as well as an endorsement by who I consider to be the best comic book artist of all, Alex Toth. You can order a signed copy of the book below. It's 84 pages, square-bound, 8 x 10, black & white with gray wash, and anything that can happen does happen all in one night in an underground restaurant in Manhattan. 

My synopsis: It's one hell of a night in an underground restaurant in Manhattan. William Howland's boss bet against him lasting a year as a waiter under him. It's pay-up time. But on this night, Will's code to treat all as they deserve doesn't serve anyone well, and he might not even last the night. And then she walks in…

I'm selling it for $22, which includes shipping and handling costs, and if you want me to sign it, I will charge two dollars, in the second shopping cart below. Thank you. 

Shipping and Handling Included


SIGNED COPY Shipping & Handling Included


  1. Are there kindle/digital versions of your graphic novel?

  2. It’s available digitally on ComiXology

  3. Bosch, I think 'Table for One' is your magnum opus. I thoroughly enjoyed this and can't wait for your next publication! Here is the review I left you on Amazon:

    "Bosch Fawstin has brought us a Randian hero--with a touch of James Dean's untouchable suave--in his protagonist, Will Howland. I really enjoyed the double entendres and Will's sarcastic wit. This graphic novel is exquisitely drawn in a striking black and white theme which shows off his talent for intricate detail. The work as a whole is very thoughtfully and purposefully crafted, from drawings to dialogue. The hidden visuals and recurrent symbolism make each page a gift. There was action and, surprisingly (to me, at least), romance. I found myself in suspense, rooting for Will to make his break (and, get the girl)! 'Table for One' was a true delight to read. Despite having devoured Bosch's breathtaking book, I find myself hungry for more."

    Tremendous job, dear friend.

    All my best,

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