Monday, April 8, 2019

My Mohammad Cartoons Vol. 2

NOW Available. If you liked My Mohammad Cartoons Vol. 1, I think you'll love this one. Inside are 100 of my Mohammad cartoons, 40 of them created exclusively for this volume, with a number of double page spreads. I also have a few new articles, with one on Free Speech that opens the book, another, arguing that Islam is indeed a religion, despite what some need to believe, and my article on the hopeless name game we’re playing, and losing, with Islam. It's $25, and has 128 pages, with most of the cartoons in full color, and with some in black and white. It's square bound, 8 x 10.5. Thank you for your continued support. I also still have print copies of my book, Peaceful Death Threats.

And Please choose INTERNATIONAL shipping if you're outside of America, by clicking the arrow right above the "Add to Cart" button to International instead of domestic. Thank You. 

Shipping & Handling Included


Shipping & Handling Included


  1. Looking forward to getting your new book!

  2. You can't sell any copy of these.muthalalik korach comments kork makaleee

  3. Somehow, I never heard of you before today. I went back to check out your volume 1 & the comments (especially the death threats) were the funniest things I've read in months!!! BRAVO!!! I'm now a fan & I will order BOTH volumes! The truth just drives them crazy!

    1. Thanks. It does drive them crazy. And how did you hear about me?